first night in the new apartment, wild

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In Boston, registering/moving into my apartment tomorrow.

"Massachusetts" has a few too many "S"s in the name fr me… can’t say it properly, ooph

I thought a thought today about the world, and it’s very important. It’s like the world is now but with adjusted functions. 

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my brain is glitch


Lightweight Unsinkable Duck Decoys
Solid Foam Filled-Check these fine features


A masterpiece has never cost me so little

(Source: mvrderballads)


Cicada, Stages of Conventionalization

Hugo Froelich, Keramic Studio Magazine, 1905

i love this

last day in Pennsylvania

Album Art


My legs have carried me far.
There’s still strength enough for one more.
So lets carry on
And dance to all the same songs.
Like back when we were young
And nights like this would fade to one.

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